Neptune, New Jersey, March 16, 2011 — Crystal Visions Entertainment has just released the world’s first Jewish horror movie, Hate’s Haunted Slay Ride, on DVD. It features a Rabbi Hero wielding his Torah and Star of David in a fierce battle between supernatural good and evil.

“Horror movies have historically been primarily Roman Catholic but Satan and demons started in the Old Testament, The Torah, at the creation of the earth, so they pre-date Christianity” says Writer-Director Warren F. Disbrow. “Why not do a Jewish horror film then? Why not have a Rabbi as the hero instead of a priest?”

In Hate’s Haunted Slay Ride, the latest thriller by Disbrow, he does just that. From the start we are introduced to a satanic supernatural serial killer known simply as Hate, who causes all hell to break loose in a violent battle between good and evil, pitting Rabbi Shaw (Bret Warshawsky ) and detectives Fletcher (Paul Kellogg) and MacNee (Dan Griffin) up against the unstoppable Hate in his war against Judaism and Christianity.

Hate’s Haunted Slay Ride is the 6TH feature film written and directed by Disbrow, who is based out of New Jersey, and it represents his biggest movie to date. With a running time of nearly two hours and filmed over a two year period, Hate’s Haunted Slay Ride is packed with action, suspense and bloody supernatural confrontations.

“I love horror movies and my goal is to make good ones” says Disbrow. “As for the religious aspects of the film if you read the Bible it is loaded with cruelty and violence and supernatural events; even babies being slaughtered by soldiers under orders, that sort of thing. Look how ugly and bloody Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ was and that wasn’t even a horror film!”

The main force of evil in Hate’s Haunted Slay Ride is Hate himself, who first appeared in the feature film Haunted Hay Ride which was also written and directed by Disbrow. Haunted Hay Ride was the winner of the Best Feature Film for 2009 at the Rutgers Film Festival.

“In Haunted Hay Ride” says Disbrow, “Hate began his career by murdering his sadistic police officer father and dismembering him. He then drilled holes in his own head with an electric drill and bolted a gleaming skull Halloween mask to his face, permanently erasing who he was as a human being. He then went on a savage killing spree that ended up at a Halloween Farm’s Haunted Hay Ride where he began butchering both the farm workers and the customers. In that first film Hate is still almost human, though we did give him a creepy inhuman voice. In Hate’s Haunted Slay Ride, Hate has a metamorphosis into a full blown satanic creature and as his blood lust grows and he becomes more spiritually evil, he starts targeting and murdering Christians and Jews.”

The Rabbi is the only one who knows that these murders are being perpetrated by an evil supernatural entity. When Hate surrounds the Jewish temple with a wall of fire, trapping everyone inside, so he can kill all the faithful who have sought sanctuary there: “The Rabbi turns to the Torah to find ways of protecting his people, doing as God directed Moses to do for Passover to protect the first born during God’s plagues on Egypt” says Disbrow.”

Hate’s Haunted Slay Ride was produced by Visual Experiences Motion Picture Company LLC, a New Jersey based feature film Production Company. The company plans to continue making horror films with the next one slated to begin shooting in the summer 2011. “Our ultimate goal is to make one, possibly two, movies a year” says Disbrow.

Hate’s Haunted Slay Ride is being released by Crystal Visions Entertainment LLC, who released Haunted Hay Ride. Disbrow’s previous movies have gotten world wide release by EI Entertainment, Legacy and Troma.

Hate’s Haunted Slay Ride Stars Paul Kellogg, Daniel Bartkewicz, Jenny Hill, Bret Warshawsky, Warren Disbrow Sr, Joann Murano, Deborah A. Taylor, Dan Griffin. Music: Ben Sbar, Brian Breen, Ken Megill, Dan Brady.Visual Effects: Michael Christopher Lee. Associate Producer: Shawn Reich. Executive Producer: Michael Christopher Lee. Production Manager: Steve Krietzberg. Writer/Director: Warren F. Disbrow Hate’s Haunted Slay Ride copyright © 2010 Visual Experiences Motion Picture Company LLC. All Rights Reserved.


– The Duel-Layer Special Edition DVD contains the following special features:

– Commentary – Writer-Director Warren F. Disbrow, Daniel Bartkewicz, Jenny Hill, Deborah A. Taylor, Joann Murano, Warren Disbrow Sr, Ron Toth.

– .Documentary: The Making of Hate’s Haunted Slay Ride – Behind the scenes on the set of Hate’s Haunted Slay Ride with cast and crew observations during the making of the movie.

– Featurette: Michael Christopher Lee’s Visual Effects – Mr. Lee covers some of the nearly 300 exciting special effects he created for the film revealing how some of the amazing special effects were accomplished.

Bonus Trailers – Haunted Hay Ride: The Movie, Hate’s Haunted Slay

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Sample reviews of Warren F. Disbrow movies :

“Scarlet Moon” (2006):
“If Warren F. Disbrow is comparable to a genre David Lynch, then SCARLET MOON is his DUNE. Dripping with ambition, dense with ideas and attempting the idiosyncratic…Warren F. Disbrow Jr. represents the reason independent film continues to thrive. Outside the mindless mainstream of demographically determined moviemaking, here is a man who plays by his own arcane rules and put his own unique stamp on even the most tired of terror tenets. And if that’s not the definition of ‘auteur’, it’s hard to imagine what is. Warren F. Disbrow is indeed an auteur. SCARLET MOON is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.” – Bill Gibron, DVDTALK.
“Wildly, weirdly resourceful director Warren F. Disbrow helms this deranged horror comedy of apocalyptic proportions” – Turner Classic Movies.
“Headed by Warren F. Disbrow in the seat of the writer, director, all around do-everything guy, you just can’t go wrong” – Reviewer Marc Patterson.

“Invasion for Flesh and Blood”(3rd re-release 2005):

“Genius” – NY Times.

“When genius arrives on your doorstep it has to be acknowledged. Warren F. Disbrow , we salute you and your amazing movies!” – Bill Gibron, DVDTALK.

“Warren Disbrow knows what he audience wants and delivers it” – Flesh and Blood Magazine, England.

“Warren Disbrow is a genius, his films are fantastic! Warren Disbrow is a true auteur in every sense of the word” – Netherlands review.

“Haunted Hay Ride: The Movie” (2009):

“There hasn’t been an executioner this obsessed with slaughter since Jason faced off with Freddy. Disbrow comes up with a near classic” – DVDTALK

“From the beginning you are sucked into what turns out to be an
entertaining, fun filled gorefest that even the squeamish will enjoy” – Zacherley’s Recommendations

“Made me want to climb in and get lost in the fun” – The Angry Princess

“Gory and yet sweetly nostalgic at once, it’s homestyle raw but truly indie effort should beat ZACK AND MIRI at their own game” – Redbank Orbit

“Haunted Hay Ride hit the ground running and did not slow down” – Science Fiction Society of Northern NJ

“As a writer/film critic, there are times when I come across something so awe inducing, I do not even know where to start when reviewing it” – Dan Stein, XOMBA

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