Synopsis: Blind Turn

Samantha Holt (Rachel Boston) had the perfect life with a handsome fiancée and a bright future. But an unexpected turn on a dark lonely road puts her on a collision course with Bruce Miller (Jay Dee Walters), a devoted family man who descends into madness when he loses everything he ever cares about.


One year later, Bruce decides to give Samantha the punishment he believes she escaped, by kidnapping her and hancuffing her to a wheelchair in his isloated home. Samantha has struggled with her own demons since that fateful night…but Bruce will take her struggles to the edge when he implements a demented and torturous plan to teach her a twisted lesson that may cost her the ultimate price



Special Features: Interview with

Director Robert Orr,

Music Video, Trailer, Photo Gallery

Run Time: 75 mins.

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Audio: 5.1 Surround and 2.0 Stereo

Language: English

Item Number: FWD024

UPC: 8-97067-00024-7

Pre-Order Date: 03.13.12

Street Date: 04.24.12

Suggested DVD Retail Price: $19.98




File Type: HD 1080 (1920×1080) 29.97

Audio: 5.1 Surround and 2.0 Stereo

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