2012 Halloween Costumes

Each year, new Halloween costumes hit the market and fly off the shelves. Getting the best costume before supplies run out is the key to having a memorable costume. Top Halloween ideas for 2012 focus on popular movies and video games, cute animals, and revamping classic designs. The majority of these costumes are available in bargain complete costume sets but name brand costumes tend to have separate pieces available that can be combined with an existing wardrobe to create an amazing outfit for Halloween this year.

Most Halloween costume ideas start with a classic design. Hit costumes build upon that design, making it more modern and tying it into a cool concept. Each top Halloween design offers either something popular, new, or unique. Several designs that fit this description have recently been released on the market.

Lions and bees are always adorable and make great costumes that can be reused. These unisex Halloween costumes come in a variety of sizes and styles. Basic designs, such as cuddly lion costumes for infants or busy bee costumes for men and women, are appropriate for all occasions. The popular  “Wizard of Oz” Cowardly Lion is also costume that will never go out of style, with men and women’s variants available.

Super hero costumes are becoming increasingly popular among children and adults. Even young girls and
women can now dress as Batman or Iron Man. The most popular super heroes for this year include any of the Avengers,the most popular being Thor and the Incredible Hulk. Batman and the Amazing Spiderman also remain popular costume choices this year. While most of these costumes are targeted to men and boys, women and girls can add colorful skirts to the costumes, giving them a feminine touch.

For girls, the “Monster High” costumes are continuing their hit line this year. The costume line was first launched last year and featured four different monsters. This year, the girls can dress as Frankie Stein (Frankenstein), Abby Bominable (Abominable Snowman), Lagoona Blue (Creature from the Black Lagoon), Clawdeen Wolf (Werewolf), Draculaura (Dracula), Cleo de Nile (Cleopatra Mummy), Spectra Vondergeist (ghost), and Ghoulia Yelps (ghost). The popular costumes add a modern and feminine touch to classic monster costumes which is part of the reason they have been well received. Even those who arn’t fans of the series can appreciate female versions of their old favorites.

The popular app game, “Angry Birds”, has produced a complete line of bird costumes for men, women, and children. The costumes are great because they are very roomy for their size and slide over the clothes. This allows the costumes to be reused for years even if you or your child grows. Red, Black, Yellow, and Blue Birds are available, as well as Green Pigs. The costumes are also available in multiple styles, including dresses and mask only.

“Harry Potter” is also at the top of the best sellers lists. The costume line spans well beyond the main character, releasing a variety of robes including both house and quidditch styles and supporting character look alike costumes, such as Professor McGonagall, Professor Dumbledore, and Hermione Granger. Fun accessories include witches hats and wands. With a variety of pieces sold seperatly, as well as complete costumes, almost any character from the series can be created. For a unique twist, try recreating more obscure characters such as Cho Chang or Cedric Diggory.

Disney costumes for boys and girls are also at the top of the list. For boys, “Jake and the Neverland Pirates” is the popular Disney cartoon of the year and is a nice version of the traditional pirate costume. For girls, both “Tangled” and “Brave” costumes remain popular in the Disney Princess costume line. The Disney costumes include the accessories with the majority of the costume sets in the line, however, pieces are also available separately so they can be combined with pieces from home. Buzz Lightyear, from the “Toy Story” movie, has also made a comeback on the most popular costumes list, with costumes available for boys and men.

The number one costume right now for boys is ninja costumes. There are a couple of variants on this as well. Most of the costumes are  either black or red with the face covered. Several television ninjas are also available in costume form this year, such as the “Samurai Power Rangers” line and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. Accessories for the costumes are also on the bestsellers lists and include plastic weapons and special ninja masks.

The trendiest costume of the year is a monster hood. The costume includes a furry monster hat, furry leg warmers, a one piece, and fluffy tutu. The main producer is Leg Avenue, which produces the costumes in both women’s and junior’s sizes. A male version of the hood is also available in brown. The company produces complete costume sets as well as individual pieces. Common colors are blue, pink, and green but off brands have a variety of other colors available.  The monsters all have fun names such as Angry Ed and Melody Monster.

Halloween costume ideas that has been a part of the bestseller list this year will likely remain on the list for next year as well.

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